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May 28th, 2008

10:37 am - We are the doggy doggy dogs!
We are the doggy doggy dogs!

I haven't posted in a while, and today's post isn't going to be much of a revelation. It's the continuation of my list of 100 things I love about my dog, Harlequin.

41. When she was a puppy, Quin hated being supine for any reason. If you flipped her on her back, even gently, she would flip out and kick with all legs until she had her feet under her. Only recently has she been okay with occasionally being recumbent and chilling out. The other night, however, she was sitting up in the crook of my arm, and she intentionally let herself fall backward so I could rub her belly. It was absolutely adorable.

42. Quin reacts very differently depending on where you pet her. Rubbing her belly is something she seems to enjoy, but she doesn’t really react. Rubbing behind her ears makes her stick her neck out, and rubbing her head or between her eyes makes her close her eyes and relax. Rubbing her neck makes her turn her head so you can get at her easier. Rubbing her shoulders makes her stand up and arch into you; rubbing her back makes her start to get rowdy. Scratching her rump tends to get her to move it where she wants it scratched (as I’ve said before), and she’ll start snapping at the air and trying to play. Touching her legs tends to make her nervous, but she’ll generally tolerate it from me.

43. When Quin is near your face, if she doesn’t really want to be nuzzled or doesn’t want your face so close, she will stick a forepaw out and shove it right in your face, pushing and holding you back. Generally she just stares at you afterward.

44. As previously stated, Quin always wants to sit on my lap while I’m driving. She has a keen understanding of how that works, however, and knows the commands “scoot” (get out of the driver’s seat so I can sit down), “go on” (get off my lap so I can get out of the car”), and “come on, then” (feel free to jump in my lap). She almost always waits to hear these commands before actually moving.

45. Quin doesn’t whine, but she will occasionally make short, pointed whimpers. This isn’t a pathetic, annoying, or obsequious trait; she does this when there is something in particular she wants or needs, and she’s trying to communicate it to someone who just isn’t smart enough to figure it out on his own (me).

46. When I squirt Harlequin with a spray bottle, she jumps up and gets all kinds of alert and feisty. It’s not that she hates it, but rather that it has become some sort of silly call to action for her.

47. When you blow at Quin’s muzzle, she immediately tries to nip at the source of the “wind”; when you blow at her hindquarters, her little nub of a tail locks down over her butt, and she goes on alert, like an attack is coming at any moment.

48. Another of Quin’s favorite games is the biting game. She makes a playful nip at me, then I make one at her, and she tries to catch me while I retreat. It’s a classic dog game, but she obviously loves playing.

49. My sister and I were once playing cards at my grandmother’s, and Holly was holding Quin while she was playing. Quin kept drifting off to sleep, and her eyes would flicker shut, at which point her head would start to droop to the side. When it fell too far, she’d wake up, wondering what happened. This occurred something like six times in a row before Holly and I were laughing too hard to keep watching.

50. I always feed Quin just before I leave for the day. She follows me to the kitchen and watches, and then watches me leave the apartment with my standard goodbye (“Goodbye, princess. Daddy loves you. You stay and be good!”). If I ever come back into the apartment within the next few moments (because I forgot my keys or wallet), she’s still standing there; I have to be gone for a minute or so before she’ll give up on waiting for me and go eat.

I'm halfway to the end.

Today's song is "Doggy Dog", composed by Yoko Kanno for the Cowboy Bebop series.
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(I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can)

March 20th, 2008

10:36 am - I just wanna fly my freak flag...
Come on, join our tribe!

My friends are a loose cadre of awesome referred to collectively as "the Neckbeards".

What follows is a very long inventory of who my friends are.Collapse )

Today's song is the classic grunge anthem "Tribe" by Gruntruck (and no, I have no idea what the Hell he's singing about, either; that's really the beauty of it, isn't it?).

I've found my tribe. Find yours.
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Current Music: Gruntruck, "Tribe"

(I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can)

March 13th, 2008

09:48 pm - Any time you want...
Jump back to me any time...

I've gone back and posted the songs for these posts: this one, this one, and both songs on this one.

Of course, going back and reading old posts is a pain in the ass, which is why I'm also posting them here. I'm also posting today's song. Don't you just love me for that? Get 'em while they're hot -- they'll only be up for a week.

Temple of the Dog, "Call Me a Dog"
Radiohead, "Paranoid Android"
Flyleaf, "I'm So Sick"
Lovage, "Stroker Ace"
Eve 6, "Anytime"

I'm also taking a look at something I said a few weeks ago:

In future entries: a rundown of who my friends are IRL, a discussion of all of my ex-girlfriends getting married, waxing poetic about the Neckbeards and Death Star, reasons why some of my posts are Friends Only and some are open, and probably a discussion of Urban Dead. Also, I will probably start posting funny or interesting stuff for people to look at -- less because I want the attention and more because I think a better understanding of who I am at any given time comes from what is currently making me laugh or think.

So... I should do that, right?

Oh, and GO PLAY MOVIE QUOTE TAG AT mqt_etc, because it's fun.
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Current Music: Eve 6, "Anytime"

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March 10th, 2008

12:50 pm - You call me a dog...
Well, that's fair enough...

In the continuing series of 100 Reasons Why I Love My Dog, here is installment #4. I'm sure you've already seen installments one, two, and three if you had any interest in them, but I've put up links anyway.

31. All of my friends love Quin. Even Steve, who hates little dogs, loves Quin and can go on at length about why. She is universally well-liked.

32. When I originally started talking to my friends Steve and Dima about moving in with them, I was concerned that Quin was going to be an issue, because they don't have any pets. As it turns out, they're both really excited about getting Quin as a dog, because they know she's a good dog that they'll enjoy having around.

33. My sister loves Quin as much as I do, and often asks to take her for a week or two in order to spend time with her. It gives Quin some time with her Auntie Holly and gives me some time away from her (not that I really need it), but more than that it makes Quin a larger part of my family, for which I am thankful.

34. Every time my sister takes Quin, I miss her terribly and can't wait to have her back.

35. Every time I get Quin back after her being away for a week or two, she's extremely excited to see me and doesn't want to be away from me for more than a few seconds.

36. Quin has a number of different moods, all of which are adorable. Her personality is very unique and complex, but always cute and sweet.

37. Quin is extremely photogenic. There are a lot of pictures of her just staring with her ears up, but there are even more pictures of her acting goofy, cute, or playful. From pictures of her buried in a pile of dirty clothes to snapshots of her with a paw over her muzzle acting shy, she's always hilarious in pictures.

38. Most Toy Fox Terriers are white with some black spots and brown markings, but Quin is predominantly black. Rather than spots, she's got a large black blotch running down her back. Her coloring is unusual and unique.

39. Like many dogs, she's got those two little eyebrow markings over her eyes that give her different, amusing expressions, making it easier to anthropomorphize her.

40. Quin will stay still for almost anything, so long as I hold her and I'm the one doing it. Clipping nails, getting something out of her eye, checking her for fleas, flipping her upside down -- she trusts her Daddy to do all of these things and not hurt her.

The song for today is Temple of the Dog, "Call Me a Dog", but I'm not at home so I can't post it. I'll do it later. (UPDATE: Song posted)
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Current Music: Temple of the Dog, "Call Me a Dog"

(I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can)

12:48 pm - When I am King...
You will be first against the wall....

I have agreed to be one of the moderators for mqt_etc.

For those not hip to the LJ culture, that's the Movie Quote Tag Et Cetera community. It's a pretty fun game -- the moderator posts 10 movie quotes, and you try and guess the movie. For every correct answer (verified by the moderator), you must post 3 more quotes as a comment on the original post, and you must let people know when they have guessed correctly. It is a self-perpetuating game, except when it fizzles out.

If you like movies, join the community and play the game, if for no other reason than because it would make me very happy if you did.

Today's song is "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead. I'm at work, so I can't post it up, but if you check back here at like 10 pm PST, it'll probably be posted. (UPDATE: Song posted)
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Current Music: Radiohead, "Paranoid Android"

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February 10th, 2008

12:10 am - I got a letter from the government the other day...
Opened it and read it, it say they was suckas....

Today I attended my first Democratic Caucus.

It was a gigantic clusterfuck.

The caucus was located at Kamiak High School, which is about ten minutes from my apartment. Because of that fact, I figured, hey... won't take me long to get there, right?

So it was a 45 minute trip. The problem is that Kamiak High School is in Mukilteo. For those not familiar with Washington cities, Mukilteo is like the definition of upper-middle-class-community. There's not a whole lot of commercial business, they rarely see much heavy traffic, and while it has a high population, that's because it is packed to the gills with condo complexes, cute little upscale housing communities, and other such domestic spots. The result of this kind of urban planning is that almost every road through Mukilteo is two lanes, one going either way. When you have the entirety of Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mukilteo, and south Everett showing up to caucus at a high school located in the boondocks of Mukilteo, traffic backs up all the way to the freeway.

I spent a lot of time in that gridlock, and since I wasn't entirely certain where I was going, there were three occasions where I was in the wrong lane. The first was when I didn't realize that the traffic back-up was for the caucus; I was so far away that I just thought people were crowding the Mukilteo Speedway (the largest road in the city, which is two lanes going either way) and I got into a turn lane thinking I was zipping ahead of traffic. The secon is when I turned too early, like a dummy. The third time was when I was trying to be a hotshot and pass the gridlocked traffic, only to find that I'd sent myself off in some idiot direction. The lesson here is that most of the time, you can't get around the traffic when it's all going to the same place.

Every boulevard I looked down and every parking lot I checked out was packed with cars, and people were walking to and from the caucus in droves. I ended up parking at a church on the far end of the Kamiak student parking lot, thinking I lucked out when I spotted an empty slot for myself. Turns out there was parking aplenty on the other side of the school; people were just imitating the others they saw parking far away, not realizing that there was still parking to be had. C'est la vie.

I trekked over to the school, only to realize that I had no idea where the gymnasium was. Luckily, people were willing to point it out. There were campaign placards for Hillary everywhere; literally every window, every door, every concievable block of hall or wall had Hillary placards on them, and there were placards for no one else. I saw one handmade sign for Obama. I don't know what was up with that.

There were maps up all over the place so you could locate your precinct, but I knew my precinct (Hipoint); I just didn't know what room we were in. After drifting around aimlessly, I finally found the proper room, but couldn't locate my goddamn caucus. I almost ended up hanging with the complete wrong caucus before spotting the sign bearing my caucus' name. In the meantime, I was listening to the room organizer, who had a midwestern twang to his seriously annoyed voice. Every thirty seconds or so he'd start whining into his mic about how he was trying to organize the caucuses, so people should stop asking him questions and ask another volunteer, or he'd be asking some caucus to hold their sign higher so their members could see it (usually they were asking Grove precinct).

When I bumbled into the Hipoint caucus, everyone cheered and said, "Yay, another Hipoint voter!", and I was greeted by a warm round of smiles. Someone asked who I was voting for, and I said, "Obama" (yeah, I'm voting for Obama, and I'll explain why later), and I got an, "Awww, damn!" response, so I said, "Sorry if you're all disappointed by that." As it turns out, most of the people there were voting Obama -- it's just that the lady who asked was the sole Clinton supporter, and she was upset that few people turned out for Hillary. Despite all of the placards and the early lead for Clinton (due to the senior citizens who had shown up hours before to put the signs up and get in their caucus votes), Obama was gaining a steady, heavy lead, and Hipoint had all of three Clinton votes to twenty-odd Obama votes.

I stood around for a bit, swapping opinions with my caucus-mates. The Clinton supporter (a fairly dumb woman in her sixties) was griping about how Obama is pro-nuclear power, and I countered by saying nuclear power is much cleaner and more energy-efficient than people realize. She brought up the toxic waste issue, and said, "You can't do anything with it." I countered with, "You can't do anything with fossil fuel waste, either. At least toxic waste becomes reuseable at the end of its half-life. I imagine that if we really started building more nuclear power plants, we'd be really careful about what we did with the waste, too." She didn't really have much to say about that.

Despite loudly pointing out that I'm a Libertarian, I was asked to be the alternate delegate for my caucus, which is funny. The event was one of the biggest clusterfucks I have ever been a part of, with no one knowing where to go or what to do, people yelling at each other or trying to entice supporters for other candidates to their side (the handful of blind Kucinich and Edwards followers were not really happy about that, but most of the other attendees weren't happy about them declaring for non-candidates, either). It was really odd, and really interesting.

I'd do it again.

The song for the day is Black Steel by Tricky, from the Maxinquaye album. I thought the lyrics were close to fitting.
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January 17th, 2008

03:07 pm - I'm so sick...
Infected with where I live...

Damn this cold.

As I said before, I'm used to either being so mildly sick that I barely notice (like with a sinus infection, where it takes me a while to realize, "Hey, I've got blood in my nose!") or so cripplingly ill that I curl up into a sweating, shuddering ball on my bed and hallucinate for three days (like when I get relentless superflus).

Currently, however, I've got a nasty cold. I don't often get nasty colds, so this is a novel sort of unpleasantness.

-- My nose is like a constant, ragged vent. It's not runny, and it feels dry and gummy inside, but then suddenly it'll run like a faucet, or I'll be struck with a powerful bout of sneezing. Half the time I've got wicked post-nasal drip, and it's really annoying.

-- My head sort of hurts. It's not quite a headache, but the fuzzy, heavy feeling is a bit tender around the back of my head and the sides just over my ears.

-- My whole body just feels tired. I have no energy.

-- My throat is just scratchy enough that it's starting to affect my voice.

-- My lips are seriously chapped. Luckily, I have a wonderful tube of Burt's Bees on me at all times, so I can fix that.

I'm dosing up on Theraflu Warming Relief cold syrup (Daytime in the day time, Nighttime in... fuck, if you can't figure that one out, why are you reading this? Furthermore, how are you reading this?), drinking lots of juice (an entire jug of pomegranate juice yesterday, an entire jug of white grape/peach juice today -- thanks for the recommendation, louisa_mae). I ate way too much at lunch and now have leftovers I probably won't eat, because my mother made me chicken noodle soup (homemade!) and I'm picking it up later. My mom's pretty awesome.

It occurs to me that I should talk about stuff. Most of my posts are updates or me talking about my dog, which is great if you want the general score of what's up with me but they paint a pretty poor picture of who I am. If I'm writing this to keep track of stuff, after all, it'd make more sense for me to write about details than the broad strokes. Just something for me to keep in mind, I guess.

Today's song was chosen because it's very on-the-nose as far as the lyrics I needed. It is Flyleaf, "I'm So Sick", and I will upload it when I get home. I uploaded the songs from my last 2 entries, so if you're among the folks who download them, now's the time to head back and do that. Also posted today is the song I'm listening to, -- Lovage, "Stroker Ace". (UPDATE: Songs posted)

In future entries: a rundown of who my friends are IRL, a discussion of all of my ex-girlfriends getting married, waxing poetic about the Neckbeards and Death Star, reasons why some of my posts are Friends Only and some are open, and probably a discussion of Urban Dead. Also, I will probably start posting funny or interesting stuff for people to look at -- less because I want the attention and more because I think a better understanding of who I am at any given time comes from what is currently making me laugh or think.
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January 16th, 2008

10:20 am - And now I wanna... be your dog...
Now I wanna... be your dog...

And now, the continuing saga of 100 things I love about my dog. This is installment 3. The previous two are here and here. I imagine that when I'm done, I'll post the entire list of 100, just to see what I have.

21. Quin has this way of dominating a bed. As tiny as she is, she finds a way to start out sleeping in the exact middle of the mattress, placing me on the right half (at least, it's the right half if I'm laying on my back, watching TV). Through some slow, subtle, miraculous process, she manages to migrate further and further right until I am quite literally falling off the bed, wondering how a dog that does not even equal a tenth of my body weight or brain power managed to outmaneuver me so thoroughly.

22. I play a game sometimes when I'm holding Quin and her muzzle is close to my face where I talk to her and see how far I can get in a song, quote, or whatever before she starts licking me. Even bracing myself for it, she often catches me by surprise.

23. Somehow, whenever I say "Go get your toy!", no matter where we're at, Quin manages to find something suitable to play with and bring back to me.

24. When I'm driving and she's in the car, she always wants to sit on my lap. What's especially amusing here is that I drive primarily with my left hand, and she sits on my left leg. Regardless of what I'm doing, she's constantly sticking her muzzle under my driving hand, trying to get me to pet her.

25. Quin is equally excited to have her halter put on her and to have it taken off. Somehow these two events equate to equal levels of excitement, so taking her for a walk and ending that walk are both good times.

26. When I finish taking Quin for a walk, most of the time I take her inside to the stairwell of my apartment complex and take off her harness so she can run up the stairs. She does it in a very predictable, adorable pattern. First, she runs straight up the entryway stair set, which is the longest. Once she's reached the top, she waits for me, running around in circles excitedly. Then, she runs up the second set of stairs with me, matching my pace and never getting ahead of me. Finally, we reach the third set of stairs, which she runs up next to me until the last bit, where she dashes ahead just enough to win the race. I open the hallway door that leads to our apartment, and she runs down the hall, straight to my door, and jumps around outside so I'll let her in. It always makes me smile.

27. Quin has at least one black nail on each paw, which is really cute-looking.

28. Because of the way her body is put together, when she's excited and playful she leans forward and stretches her front paws out, sticking her rear end waaaay up in the air until she's roughly the shape of a stiletto high heel.

29. One of Quin's favorite games is "Slowly Approaching Claw", where I make my hand into a claw and make growly sounds and she watches it warily out of the corner of her eye, turning at the last moment to try and snap at it before I take it away. She is terrible at this game, but cannot get enough of it.

30. When she gets really excited while she's playing she sometimes tries to dig in the blankets, going at them with both forefeet at the same time. It looks completely ridiculous.

And that's today's 10. I'll probably post the next 10 in a couple of weeks. When I get home, I'll be sure to post Iggy Pop & the Stooges doing "Now I Wanna Be Your Dog", for those who don't have it.
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December 5th, 2007

10:40 pm - And if you want beautiful, pitiful...
...have me in a picture...

Okay, so I said I'd try to get photos of Harlequin posted. Apparently, I have a Flickr account that I'd totally forgotten about, and the purpose of said account was, in point of fact, to upload pictures of my dog.

Perhaps I'm more obsessed than I realized.

Anyhow, here are a few nice images.

Click here to view images of my dog, who may or may not seem adorable to you.Collapse )

And that's my baby. There are more pictures on my Flickr page, if you want to see them. Those are all a few years old, but she looks the same. A little more gray in the face, a little bigger now that she's fully grown, slightly chubbier (but not by much). Still the same spark and vim. That's my girl.

Today's song is Photograph by the Verve Pipe, an underrated post-grunge band. Enjoy that and the pics. See you all next time I decide to post.
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11:41 am - How much is that doggy in the window?
The one with the waggly tail?

It is time for my continuing list of things I love about my dog. I got the first 10 out, so let's take it up to 20, eh wot? If I remember later, I'll post up pictures of Quin, too.

11. Quin always wants to be in the same room with me. If I'm at the computer, she's sitting in her dog bed a few feet away, napping. If I'm in the kitchen, she's sitting in the entryway. If I'm in the bedroom, so is she. If I'm at my mom's, she frequently pops her head up and looks around, only stopping once she's located me. Even if I'm not holding her or paying attention to her, she still wants to be close to her daddy.

12. When I'm laying in bed watching TV or reading, she sits right up next to my head, leaning on me and occasionally licking my ear or trying to get at my nose. Occasionally she'll lay her head across my throat, which she's done since she was a puppy.

13. When she was a puppy, she used to sleep in the crook of my arm at night. I sleep on my belly, with my hands meeting directly under my pillow, beneath my head; this means that she was nuzzled right up to my neck. She still tries to do this, even though she's too big to fit there.

14. Every time I take Harlequin out for a walk, she gets super-excited. She can't stop running so I can put her harness on, she dashes right out the door, then down the stairs as far as her leash will take her. When I've almost caught up with her, she jumps and scratches at the fire door to get outside. By the time we're out there, I've gone from being slightly annoyed at having to walk the dog (hey, I admit it -- it's a chore, not a delight) to actually being happy, because it's one of her favorite things. Her delight is so pure and complete that it becomes infectious.

15. When my grandmother and I went to go select a puppy from the litter, I was sitting on the floor and playing with them, trying to figure out which one I liked best. While the other puppies were playing and wrestling about, Harlequin crawled into my lap and promptly fell asleep. I love that my dog picked me, not the other way around.

16. Quin is fearless when it comes to bigger dogs. She will run right up and start nipping at them, trying to get them to play with her. She used to terrify Kody, who had over 100 lbs on her. Unfortunately, Barkley is such an exuberant and clumsy puppy that his innocent attempts to play with her are not met well -- he pounces and nips, and Quin finally understand what it means to be harried by another dog. I love how fearless she is, but also how she's adapting to being on the receiving end, because she's a good sport about it.

17. I love how sharp she is, mentally. Quin seems to understand more than I give her credit for, and is a very perceptive and intelligent dog. She's picked up a lot of words, an understanding of tone of voice and body language, and can generally intuit what you want or don't want her to do. I love my smart dog.

18. When she's tired, she'll lay her ears back and look sheepish (almost timidly scared, sometimes) and just want to be cuddled or held. It's heartbreaking and adorable to watch.

19. I love that after the worst break-up of my life, when I needed her the most and didn't have anyone else around, she was there and wanting to be held every day. I never realized how much I loved that dog until I really needed her and she was there for me.

20. She can stand up on her hind legs for extended periods of time, her forelegs held against her chest like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, peering up at me and not realizing how much she resembles a meerkat. I've actually seen her take steps on her hind legs before.

I can't post a song because I’m posting from work, but who would want this song, anyway?
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